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100% pure Moringa Leaf Powder – Premium quality Herb from the home of Ayurveda –  Kerala



Benefits Our Moringa Leaf Powder is made from organically grown moringa trees. Moringa leaves is a store house of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and it is loaded with healthy antioxidants. It is highly nutritious and it can enhance hemoglobin level in blood, so moringa leaves is considered as a super food dietary supplement to cure anemia . Moringa leaves help you to keep your blood sugar within healthy limits. Regular consumption of Moringa Leaves Powder helps you to lower your cholesterol level, potentially reducing the risk of heart diseases. Moringa leaf also contains calcium ,which helps to keep your bones healthy. Regular consumption of Moringa Leaf Powder is good for Brain health. Antibacterial and antifungal properties of moringa leaves helps to fight against infections. So, it can cure Urinary Tract Infections and digestive problems. Due to this all benefits, adding Our Moringa Leaves Powder in your regular diet will keep your body and mind healthy.


Suggested usage:

Mix 2gm of powder with lukewarm water and consume once or twice a day

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