Babyvita Banana Powder 200g

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Babyvita banana powder is a traditional diet made from raw Nendran banana which is rich in carbohydrate, minerals, dietary fibre and other such micronutrients. It is processed under the supervision of quality managers without losing its nutritional qualities. Bananas may improve digestion and helps in building up metabolism. It gives immunity to children and elderly men.


De hydrated Nendran Banana Powder


Add two teaspoon Traditional Babyvita Banana Powder to one glass of milk or water and mix well in a saucepan. Stir and boil continuously for five minutes in medium heat to make smooth paste. Traditional Babyvita Banana Powder doesn’t contain any sweetening matters. Add Palm Candy or Salt as per the requirement and stir well. A spoon of ghee may also be added to make it more delicious. Serve in light hot. The same can be prepared with Coconut milk. You can also prepare Banana Payasam, Halwa and pudding with Traditional Babyvita Banana Powder.

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